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Here at Lonely Missile we believe that if a video game isn't challenging it isn't fun. It's our goal to ensure people break their TV's/Monitors because they threw their controller/keyboard at said display. :) Lonely Missile is an independent entertainment company/game studio based in Boca Raton, FL. We are currently working on our first game Flappin Nutz!

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Flappin Nutz

Flappin Nutz


After the defilement of his beloved 57' Bel Air by a flock of avian scum, Colonel Stanlee "Hellfire" Mihalek experiences a flashback which sends him into...

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Latest posts from @lonelymissile

Reworking our bonus system today which will lead into achievements :) #indiedev #gamedev

Jun 2 2017

Back on Flappin after fighting off a cold. Today we're adding theme songs for status effects so it's easier to know when it's ending :)

May 31 2017

Made some great progress with some steam features this weekend :) #indiedev #gamedev #steamgreenlight T.co

May 7 2017

Weekend goal: global leaderboards and lifetime stats tracking. Let's do this 💪 #gamedev #indiedev #steamgreenlight

May 5 2017

RT @chEfnEgAtIvE: Mission...accomplished... The game runs on mac through steam 💪👉👌 #indiedev #steamgreenlightInstagram.com

Apr 29 2017

RT @FuShark: Whose this handsome douche? Back to these feathered fools I go. @LonelyMissile #GameDev #Art T.co

Apr 18 2017

RT @destructoid: GaCuCon: Feed your desire to murder pigeons with Flappin Nutz Dlvr.it T.co

Feb 28 2017

Starting work on one of the last and more complicated enemies for our final world. Lets do this! #indiedevT.co

Feb 19 2017

Hit a huge milestone yesterday with Flappin Nutz and actually got it running in Steam. Next step: achievements and global leaderboards!

Feb 13 2017

Today steam integration begins with cloud saves :) Time to see how this all works :P #monogame #steamgreenlight

Feb 4 2017