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Lightmare Studio is an indie dev studio located in Bordeaux, France, founded by four bearded geeks, formerly working in the video game industry and now ready to take over the world! (as well as some other planets). We try to focus on a few simple things: community, independence and creativity. Through these objectives, we've made concrete choices: - Build tools that will allow community-created content. If the players like our game, and if they want to express their creativity through it, we would be more than pleased to help them do so. - Work with as much transparency as we can, through our devblog or any other media. - Communicate with our community and take their feedbacks into account to improve our games. - Be independent, working with homebrew game engine and tools. - Create our own universes. - Favor versatility. We won't be 100% casual or gamer, as we play and like games of both styles.

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