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Before KAVA Game Studio was founded, Florian Käding developed the prequel of Call of Combat during the period of 2002 up to 2012 as a private project. During this time, the game managed to gain more than 100,000 registered players, attracting an active and loyal base of fans. The support to keep Call of Combat running on ever more modern systems demanded increasing effort, which was the catalyst to start plans for a revival of the game. Erik Vader, a big fan of the prequel of Call of Combat, joined up with Florian Käding in 2013 and founded the company KAVA Game Studio with a single ambitious goal; to meet the community’s wish for a contemporary version of Call of Combat. Antoine Meurillon joined and eventually took over the role from Erik within KAVA Game Studio. Having grown now to a development team of 4 professionals and devoted volunteers, KAVA Game Studio is looking for support to finalize Call of Combat through a Kickstarter campaign in February 2015.

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Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall

Real Time Strategy

Unite and fight your way to victory! Divided we Fall is a strategic close-combat multiplayer game that emphasizes the importance of building an effective...

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