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I am a creative software development enthusiast for bringing human development to the next level. When I was 12 is started programming, since then playing with lego wasn't important for me anymore. I brought my own things out of my imagination to live just with writing code. In my further development, I started to create graphics for movies and games, making models, animations, effects. Since then a fusion of both paths occur and I started to develop my own games from scratch, creating the graphics, the code and even the music by myself. I am curious how this journey will continue and hope to make as many people happy with my creations as possible! Stay focused, stay motivated and push yourself to go for your dreams!

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Light And Dance VR - Music, Action And Enjoyment

Light And Dance VR - Music, Action And Enjoyment

Futuristic Sim

Play your music from any source, start the game, jump in and dance! It's the first virtual reality Disco, offers you a lot of music reactive environments...