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What is Helios?
Helios is an action based RPG (ARPG) that has a physics based combat system. The player has to swing his / her sword and aim it in the right direction. Also Helios contains a multiplayer game, players can host there own world with a 32 player limit. However combat isn't the most important part of the game, players need to gather items in the world by for example killing a monster. The items that are gathered can then be crafted into new items, once crafted the player can choice to use the item or sell it. (Just to clarify Helios isNOT an MMO)

All of the below features are already in-game and are fully functional.

What makes Helios different?
Helios contains a lot of small yet fun features, for example the player can do a good deed for a monk who will then sell you new goods such as wine or bread. Also Helios has a reputation system, helping the bandits will result in cheaper goods yet the city's will become more suspicious.

What are Helios's features?

Cooking can be very usefull in Helios, if the player has the required ingredients he can cook the food. For exmaple if the player gathered some water, mushrooms, onion and olives together it could be brewed into a (delicious) stew. This stew will bless the player with a 10% health increase. This can be very usefull to defeat stronger enemes, but cooking can also speed up your movement to travel faster and trade between city’s or solve quests faster.

Harvesting / Growing:
Harvesting is actually a sub-job of cooking. Once seeds are planted the user has to wait a specified time untill the crops are fully grown. Once the crops are harvested you have the ability to grow new plants.
The harvested plants can then be used for ingredients in cooking or in some cases eaten raw.

In the world you have a lot of unique gather points such as mushrooms, seeds, leaves etc. Those can then be used in other job system such as cooking, harvesting or even quests.

Forging is actually a sub-job of Crafting. As the player mines ore it can be melted in the forge which will producte iron bars. Those bars can either be sold or crafted into new items.

Mining is an important job in Helios. Once you’ve mined a certain ore it can be melted at the forge to create iron bars. Those bars can be sold against a relatively high value, or they can be used to craft new items. Gathering more unique ores can be difficult as the ore is surrounded with stronger monsters.

By fishing the player can gain more food supplies for cooking. The fish can either be cooked into a stew (recipe / cooking book) or cooked on its own creating cooked fish.

Wood is an important source in weapons therefore the player has to gather large amounts of wood in the game. There will be different types of wood that can be gathered by the user such as Oak wood, Lumber wood, Hard wood, etc.
Differnt types of wood can be used for differnt types of weapons, shields and arrows.

Crafting is a HUGE feature in Helios, the player has to craft all items into a usable item after they acquired them from various locations. Crafting is slightly restricted by level, but does not affect the player much. Objects for a good weapon are hard to gather but will reward the player as crafting can never fail.
The player does not have to move around icons from there inventory to the craft window to see possible combinations,
the system will scan trough the inventory and searches matches which will be highlighted for the user.

Combat is based on the regular Action RPG games. The monsters contain hitboxes which contain a multiplier. If the player swings his word around and penetrates a monster the pysics engine will determine what body part is hit and mutliply damage based on this strike. For example when you fight a dragon you can either charge head on and attack its head, this will deal more damage but make you more vulnerable to attacks. You could also fight more safely and hit the monsters legs where you’re safer yet deal less damage.

Once the monster is killed the body parts can be harvested for further use. Monsters will not ‘drop’ items such as weapons or gear yet they will give more realistic items such as teeth, bones, hides, claws and so on. Those items can then be used in the crafting process.

Helios has a buildin quest editor which makes it easy to create quests. The GUI does not use a dialog system (click to go to the next screen and so on.). All the quest data will be loaded into a single window with a scrollbar so that the player can simply oversee the rewards he will gain once the quest is completed (See the design).

Doing quests can gain you extra reputation in area’s. For example if you help a bandit smuggle weapons out of the city’s supplies you might gain a higher reputation with the bandits but worsen your repuation with the city affecting the prices of goods.

Quest types:
Kill Quest ( Kill a certain amount of monsters )
Gather Quest ( Gather a certain amount of objects )
Deliver Quest ( Deliver a package from 1 NPC to another )

The current team:
Our current team consists of 6 people.
- Advanced programmer
- Character artist
- Animator
- Architect
- Audio (FX and music) composer
- Texture artist

What we are looking for:
We are currently looking for 1-2 character artists and 1-2 animators.
However if you are a creative genius yet not a character artist / animator don't hesitate to contact us.

Some footage?
Some footage can be found under the following links:

Current Projects

No games, mods, engines, software or hardware appear to be published or in development by Helios. We suggest you add games, mods, engines and hardware you are developing here (or update existing games, mods, engines and hardware on the site which should be linked with this Developer & Publisher).

If this profile is not used to publish or develop games, mods, engines, software or hardware we recommend you contact us and we will move it to the groups section and this page will display a blog instead.

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