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Ghost in a Bottle is a Netherlands-based independent developer.

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Octopus City Blues

Octopus City Blues


Ghost in a Bottle GmbH is proud to present Octopus City Blues, the authentic Octopus City Simulation Software (OCSS). Octopus City aims to simulate a...

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Latest posts from @ghostinabottle

RT @octocityblues: Only you can decide the optimal way to roll your own dung ball. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.… T.co

Jun 18 2023

RT @octocityblues: Would you like to help us test Octopus City Blues? Join us on Discord to try the latest build for Windows, macOS an… T.co

Jun 17 2023

RT @octocityblues: We decided to delay the release of Octopus City Blues to early 2024. Read about it in our latest update:… T.co

Jun 16 2023

RT @MNT1986: Western Tales & Nightmares in #OctopusCityBlues ✅Wishlist Store.steampowered.com ✅Follow @OctoCityBluesT.co

Jun 14 2023

RT @octocityblues: Two thumbs up from a friendly fish if you add our weird octopus city simulation to your Steam wishlist (or have don… T.co

Jun 8 2023

RT @octocityblues: You're a tentacle trimmer living on a giant octopus! 💬 Spread rumors and lies 😰 Manage your anxiety 🤠 Meet eccent… T.co

Jun 3 2023

RT @octocityblues: Hobbies: spending the entire day at the local burger joint (while using forbidden cheats to speed up the passage of… T.co

May 29 2023

RT @octocityblues: In Octopus City Blues, you'll be able to interact with (and optionally insult) various inanimate objects. Can you b… T.co

May 21 2023

RT @octocityblues: I wrote a bit about Octopus City Blues over on reddit. I think it's a good overview of the story and the various me… T.co

May 15 2023

RT @octocityblues: Acquire juicy bits of gossip by exploring the city and talking to everyone. Use what you've learned to your advanta… T.co

May 14 2023