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The frustration facing MMO gamers today is often one of lack of immersion, boring repetitive tasks completed over and over, a predictable stale world which offers no surprises or challenge.

Forsaken Studios' primary aim is to address these frustrations and exceed expectation in delivering a new revolutionary standard in MMO gaming. Immersive it will be, with breathtaking environments to explore from far off lands to dungeons you WILL be afraid to enter! Our world will not be for the faint of heart, your pulse will race as you try to save yourself from the many deadly foes which could be hiding around the next corner. You will never know when danger will strike or from which direction!

Gone are the days of queuing for your turn to beat the monster, the monsters will be queuing to beat you! You just don't know when or where...

We aim to deliver quality in everything we do, from the in depth core mechanics to the smallest graphical detail; we think about everything we do with a view to providing ground breaking immersion and a challenging and highly entertaining gaming experience. We have a feature list to die for and we will be working through that whilst maintaining the standards we set on day one.

No short-cuts will be taken, Forsaken Studios will provide a challenge and experience which the online gaming community has been screaming for.
This is no themepark, but you are in for one hell of a ride!

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Embers of Caerus

Embers of Caerus


Embers of Caerus is a low-fantasy sandbox MMORPG in development by Forsaken Studios. It aims to be the most immersive Medieval simulation ever seen, with...

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