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Forsaken Pad is a small independant game company created by a very weird guy, always hidden in the light of his screens... Sometimes, when the moon makes sleeping really difficult, he can be seen driving by night, seeking for inspiration. It is said this animal eats a lot of chips, and loves cheese fondue; especially after midnight ! His discography is full of Rap, Electro and Soundtracks, but contains also an album or two of sweet pop, for his girlfriend. At Forsaken Pad, we do respect the player, as fun is here to entertain, but also to challenge. No tutorial like "How to press start" or "Follow the BIG arrow through the entire game" included in our productions ! And above all of this, of course, we'll always take care to feed your brain whith all the art he secretly desire. Not much else to tell, Forsaken Pad works with passion, enjoy ! Djor

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