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Everyone at Cyberith is driven by one ambition – to change the world. Bold statement, we know, but what better reason is there to start a company than to help realize a dream? We want to bring virtual reality into people’s homes by producing next-level virtual reality gear. Virtual reality is the next big technological revolution, and we want to be a part of the community that helps it achieve this long-overdue status. After founding the company in 2013 in Austria, Tuncay Cakmak and Holger Hager assembled a team of Virtual Reality enthusiasts from all over the country to support them in their cause. Our team consists of physicists, material scientists, computer scientists, engineers and weirdly enough, one philosopher.

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Cyberith Controller

The Virtualizer’s flat base plate has a low-friction surface that enables you to walk, run, and strafe freely in every direction. As it’s flat, movement...

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