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A developer and publisher of arcade games including Space Mayhem.

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Space Mayhem

Space Mayhem


- Space Mayhem is designed to be a simple but addicting game which offers hours of replayability. The goal of the game is to try to beat the top scores...

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Latest tweets from @chronic_vagrant

Space Mayhem is now on Itch! DRM-Free copies for all! (Also Steam keys) Chronic-vagrant.itch.io #indiegameT.co

Nov 11 2019

RT @space_mayhem: New backgrounds, powerups, weapons and more in the biggest update yet: the Space Spectacle Update! Want a mildly in… T.co

Jul 22 2019

RT @space_mayhem: A quick lil preview of what's in the cooker for the next update: #gamedev #indiedev #procgen T.co

Jun 28 2019

RT @space_mayhem: It's The Engine Upgrade update! Put away that champagne though, we're celebrating with 10% off for the first time s… T.co

Apr 8 2019

RT @CommentCreated: Got a couple more keys so I'll be doing another rapid fire stream for them (http://www.twitch.tv/Bushido808). First up is… T.co

Jan 19 2019

RT @space_mayhem: SPACE MAYHEM IS AVAILABLE NOW ON STEAM!! BUT WAIT, this tweet isn't done yet - it also has a 10% launch discount!… T.co

Jan 17 2019

RT @space_mayhem: Final enemy added! Make sure to take care of it early or it'll sneakily fly around building regenerative traps… T.co

Jan 14 2019

RT @space_mayhem: It's official, Space Mayhem is launching January 17th! Check out the new trailer on Steam if you don't believe me:… T.co

Jan 10 2019

RT @space_mayhem: Top 3 best things I've ever done: 1) Deciding to add controller support 2) Adding controller support 3) Playing wit… T.co

Jan 6 2019

RT @space_mayhem: I'm being told my understanding of a fire-hose might be flawed #indiedev #gamedev #indiegames #gamemaker T.co

Dec 12 2018