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ChaosForge is an indie studio which specializes in roguelike games. Creators of DoomRL, DiabloRL, AliensRL and Berserk!. Working on a high quality commercial roguelike, spiritual successor to DoomRL.

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No games, mods, engines, software or hardware appear to be published or in development by ChaosForge. We suggest you add games, mods, engines and hardware you are developing here (or update existing games, mods, engines and hardware on the site which should be linked with this Developer).

If this profile is not used to publish or develop games, mods, engines, software or hardware we recommend you contact us and we will move it to the groups section and this page will display a blog instead.

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Latest tweets from @epyoncf, @chaosforge_org

Ok, time to officially state this - after a 3 year hiatus I'm heading back to GDC - anyone willing to meet up, just… T.co

Jan 30 2023 by epyoncf

RT @LukaszHacura: I just published "How to scale a gamedev company" based on my @gdcon talk that won the best talk award at that conf… T.co

Jan 26 2023 by epyoncf

Let's make some games this year.

Jan 1 2023 by epyoncf

RT @BlindiRL: This is a upload of a live playthrough of Jupiter Hell back seated by its creator @epyoncf Great conversation and… T.co

Dec 30 2022 by epyoncf

Joining @BlindiRL on Stream to talk about Jupiter Hell and the future! Drop by and say hello! Twitch.tv

Dec 28 2022 by epyoncf

RT @HYPERSTRANGE: Jupiter Hell capsule on @Steam was begging for a post-release update. Not to shabby, @epyoncf! T.co

Sep 2 2021 by chaosforge_org

RT @epyoncf: Jupiter Hell 1.0 FULL release is live! Come to Dante Station and defeat the final Evil! *Turn-based* but fast pac… T.co

Aug 5 2021 by chaosforge_org

RT @Mark_Meer: I’m cursing up a storm as the foul-mouthed protagonist of JUPITER HELL by @chaosforge_org! It leaves Early Access o… T.co

Jul 28 2021 by chaosforge_org

RT @AUTOMATONJapan: 【ニュース】SFローグライクRPG『Jupiter Hell』新映像公開、8月5日正式リリースへ。『DOOM』二次創作作品の精神的後継作 Automaton-media.com T.co

Jul 17 2021 by chaosforge_org

RT @rockpapershot: Jupiter Hell celebrates its impending early access exit with a surprising new trailer - Rockpapershotgun.com T.co

Jul 16 2021 by chaosforge_org