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We’re an Indie video game development studio headquartered in San Jose, California. It is our mission to create immersive games that will be played and remembered for many years to come.

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Knights of Frontier Valley

Knights of Frontier Valley


Knights of Frontier Valley is an upcoming roguelike single-player fantasy survival RPG. Take the role of an adventurer and live through his years from...

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Using a "Move" button during turn-based combat in #FrontierValley was clunky- too many clicks to get from A to B. N… T.co

Oct 20 2021

Mako isn't well. In this test I made him be heavily injured, bleeding, poisoned, sick, encumbered, hot, cold, starv… T.co

Oct 9 2021

As a short break from working on combat, I started on indoor building maps. What do all y'all think - does it look… T.co

Oct 4 2021

If at first you don't succeed... 😆 #indiedev #indiedevhour #RPG #gamedev #gamedevelopment #FrontierValley T.co

Sep 27 2021

New damage concept isn't yet in (hence all the critical hits), but here a preview of the #turnbased tactical battle… T.co

Sep 24 2021

I apologize for the frustration this will undoubtedly cause, but I just implemented bone damage and bleeding.… T.co

Sep 17 2021

1-minute demo of the look and feel when running through one of #FrontierValley's cities at night. Working on combat… T.co

Sep 11 2021

RT @TheGDWC: #RT The Fan Favorite Weekly Vote #25 ends soon! Don't miss your chance to vote and help your favorite #gamedev at… T.co

Sep 10 2021

Many Thanks if you voted for Knights of Frontier Valley in the GDWC contest at Thegdwc.com! (if you hav… T.co

Sep 9 2021

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Sep 6 2021