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Among the Future Pinball community there's one name that stands out for original tables, original music and enough neon to melt the retinas. That name is Tii, and coupled with his loveable sidekick Snuffy they manage to crank out tons of fun tables that have become a cornerstone of the original table scene of Future Pinball. If you've just downloaded Future Pinball and are looking for a lot of tables in one place, this is your best bet. Simply extract to your Future Pinball directory (C:\Program Files\Future Pinball by default). If the directory structure is not properly preserved, place the *.FPT files in the Tables directory.

Tii's Table Pack
TomoAwesome - - 2 comments

I meant multiBALL, not multiplayer. Must've missed that.

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TomoAwesome - - 2 comments

After playing a few of Tii's maps it was quite clear that he hadn't spent nearly enough time on any of them. They were all very poor quality and had no table info or instructions on the apron. This leaves you with a very bad map and no instructions on how to get a good score or activate any jackpots/multiplayer. (if those 2 features were even put in, which I doubt)

I wouldn't suggest playing ANY of these maps, and if this is the quality Tii finds worthy of download, any of the other maps he creates either.

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mstone078 - - 1 comments

Having played on quite a few FP tables, I started to notice a common thread - all of the maps created by Tii were original and very nicely put together. I don't consider myself an expert pinball connoisseur, but I do in fact know real talent when I see it.

I strongly disagree with the above poster, these maps are 100% worth downloading and any other maps designed by Tii.

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