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Finally, after 20 years the original campaign as been developed, it is now available to play with The Protectors! Check how to install inside. Made by Zeto 2015-2019.

Custom Campaign: The Tears of Dawn (WBC1 campaign) for 0.8.8
Zeto55 Author
Zeto55 - - 151 comments

Known Bugs:
a) Ferries arenĀ“t working yet in this TPC version. Naval maps cannot be finished in this version. Use cheat "iamawinner" to proceed (2 maps in evil path and 2 maps in light path)
b) PlayWAV NIS command only applies to world map in this TPC version. For now you can only read the text, but not listen to the audio files (Fixed in 0.8.9)

Have fun

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Is this still compatible with 0.8.9? I barely remember the first WBC, can't believe how long it's been...

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Does this work on lastest version?

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Patrick_Winekiller - - 737 comments

Latest versions come with this already installed. Play it via singleplayer->custom chapters->Tears of Dawn

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