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Behold the grand and imposing world of ancient history! 1.7 Compatible! This texture pack sends Minecraft back through the millennia changing the Gui, the terrain, and most of the items all to fit the theme of ancient Egypt, also there are a few Greek elements to for users to enjoy, this pack has been WIP for a few months now and will probably continue until everything in the game fits the theme, so stay tuned! More is on the way, if a little slowly... Comments are welcome and appreciated! They help to make the pack better!

'Splendor Of The Ancients' Texture Pack
Lord_of_Sausage - - 95 comments

This looks awesome! Time to make a huge temple!

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Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

Looks like a great upload.

Thank you very much =)

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Cavaron - - 87 comments

Looks nice. Downloading ;]

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kazumo - - 1,174 comments

xD God of War!

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TheConjurersTower Author
TheConjurersTower - - 157 comments

Thank you all for your comments! I have been working on this for a while and it's nice to have it appreciated and enjoyed by other Minecraftians. Glad you liked it! :)

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Lone_Soldier - - 75 comments

It's wonderful!!! Very nice work!!!

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

kinda cool, nice antique atmosphere!

hmm, but it says it's unavailable on filefront at the moment, but I downloaded it from your site

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rob1888 - - 4 comments

im lovein this tex pack so much its awsome

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mathinator - - 302 comments

now I only have to change my skin in something from the old times XD

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rinoarizal - - 1 comments


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