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This is a player save with some good items, and some bad items. The reason why im uploading this is because i want to help newbies... Dont see this as cheating. Read more for how to install! Well i didn't actually make this but if you want the world, PM me!

Player save [Not answering questions]
Cake_ - - 86 comments


It is cheating, it isn't your save and you didn't legitimately obtain or be traded the items, therefore it is cheating.

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8123 - - 14 comments

Why the HELL do people dislike your comment? I think it is cheating. Of course it is. The game is just a LOT better if you don't cheat. People, like this guys comment and don't f¤"k up your Terraria experience by downloading save files.

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Mr_stonez - - 1 comments

I see my stuffs are much better than those stuffs in the pics

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CturiX_Kemilon - - 1 comments

sure it can be considered cheating, but it can also be considered a simple aid to players who still fail to relate to MCraft let alone Terraria; i do see some items (in the picture, unless thats not whats in the save) that may be too overuseful for a new player, but if players want to do whatever they wish then thats what they shall do, nothing stopping them, they can suffer any consequences they put themselves to.

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TheLastCookie - - 2 comments

I think its a good save and all, but what I really want to know is how I get things like the Mob Spawner to work in the game. For some reason I can only use the application that comes with it. Anybody know how to put the mod and the game together??? It's driving me mad

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RainieRooth Author
RainieRooth - - 118 comments

Which application

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