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To install extract the file into: Penumbra/ Episode 1/ redist/ config so that it overwrites the "Game CFG" file. Make a backup of the existing one if you wish in case you want to default. Yet another mod I made for Penumbra Overture. It has been a while since I made one so here you go. It makes your height at 0.95 instead of 1.64 so you are always the height of when crouched. You may be wondering what good is that but you can still jump the same height, crawl through vents with ease, hide behing objects from enemies easier, fit into small areas, etc. Hope you enjoy! #1 Penumbra Modder - Rockcoons

Penumbra: Mini Me

I'm confident that you'll generate far more interest in this mod if you supply screenshots of your work in the game. It doesn't have to be all of the creatures, but images from a couple of angles of 3-4 of them should be more than enough for people to feel confident about your work, want it, and then download it.

Give it a try. It certainly can't hurt, and I want a peek at them as well!

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Rockcoons Author

But I have, the picture shows that the character is very short and there are no 3rd person views in Penumbra of the player.

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