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Public model of a MiG 21-93 of the PLA. So basically you could also call it a J-7. Chinas name for their MiG-21. Feel free to use it wherever you want or for whatever reason but dont forget to give credit and if changes are made to it pls give me credit too as the original creator. Thats all I want. Have fun with it :) Stats: 171 Polys 578 Triangles 293 Vertices Texture: 1024px X 1024px png file.

MiG 21-93 Fishbed
VectorIV - - 3,183 comments

Nice! I'll try it as soon as possible :D

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AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

very nice model

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Battle8111 - - 1,000 comments

nice model, very nicly textured

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Brca95 - - 1,067 comments

Nicely done! :D

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bosnian_dragon - - 190 comments

It looks amazing! Great job!

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Keksz Author
Keksz - - 1,799 comments

thx guys :)

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justbigbs - - 5 comments

Great model, thanks. I would like to make a request (thats if its not breaking any rules here, I'm noob). I've been enjoying BF2 since early 2005 and til this days, thanks largely and only to the BF2 community to every clan, team and individuals who are skilled and dedicated months if not years to make what BF2 is. I would like to ask for a model of the Chinese J-21 OR JXX AKA J-20. The blue print can be found here w*w.the-blueprints.c*m look up j21 or black dragon. Its somewhat mockup of the US RAPTOR (us intelligence suggest it by cyberhacked, but were not going politics here)
I'm watching some 3ds tutorials in hopes of acquiring skills to model armored police cars into BF2 for A Urban infiltration MAP. But that years away from me. There's a chinese team thats working on the chpower 2011 mod. Unfortunately they lost some models and the release is past due. Wish I could help, but I'm a complete noob to 3ds, and coding.

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Keksz Author
Keksz - - 1,799 comments

well I'm pretty new to modeling and this was my second model I made so I'm also a bit away from doing high poly models with cockpits and stuff for FPS games but who knows maybe I grow more skills soon.

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killergrt - - 93 comments

what game is it for?

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IRN1Х - - 24 comments

а как использовать модели просто я хотел использовать эту модель и EF-2000 для моего мода

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