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"WHAT DOES THIS DO? This updates your Materials tool so it has the Golden Wrench texture, the golden statue texture used by the wrench, and two custom Uber textures . WHY WOULD I WANT THIS? You can turn anything into gold. You can uber anything. That's why. :D Also, this is the only way to get the gold wrench itself in Gmod. IS THIS WAREZ? I MEAN, IT'S TF2 STUFF, RIGHT? Nope. The only textures that are actually in this are the custom Uber ones, and even those don't work unless you have TF2. WHERE DO I PUT IT? Put the GoldAndUber folder into addons. Don't worry, just in case you're one of those people who's afraid of descriptions and you didn't read this, there's also a reminder in the download. DOES THE UBER ACTUALLY MAKE THINGS INVINCIBLE? Sadly, no." All credits to ACTION PYRO. The description was edited by him too

Gold and Uber Materials
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