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This is a custom pack with dokucraft textures,all the best textures To install: Go into minecraft,go into texture's or texture packs,click on show texture pack folder,right click on this zip file,click extract all(7zip(free program)is recomended to extract it,its automatic)then copy and paste the extracted folder into the path clicking on show texture pack folder took you to,done!Now go restart minecraft,go into texture packs,double click on the new texture pack,restart minecraft again,now you should have all new buttons and panorama's(backgrounds) and textures. As a note,if your using minecraft forge for any reason,such as for mods,it corrupts the textures,such as bricks have water and fire textrues all over them,lava and water being different,as in default textures but no animation,pumpkins will have lava instead of jackolantern faces,and diamond armor will have a working compass on it and the pants will have a working clock(not really a bad thing)and the normal ones wont have dials

Dokucraft Custom Texture Pack Updated 1.4!
SuicidalBananah - - 20 comments

Great texturepack man

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RoboTyphoon - - 660 comments

Yeah that chest really gives us a great idea as to what our whole world might look like... *facepalm

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RedAlert3Modder Author
RedAlert3Modder - - 175 comments

I edited the preview pic,its a screenshot i took

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Yse - - 50 comments

It is, Dokucraft is one of the most famous texturepack. Nice "16-bit RPG-looking" textures anyway.

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RedAlert3Modder Author
RedAlert3Modder - - 175 comments

Supposedly its 32-bit but i saw no difference pixel wise from the defualt 16-bit textures and these.And yes,i did use Mc-Patcher,even though connected textures didnt seem to do anything or better grass...

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