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Chaos Heaven (Visit Arioch!) - A new symbol rotates serenely atop a sacred altar. Power grid flows away in all directions to deathmatch goodness. Weapons at the ready for another sacrifice - are you next? Quake one open arena deathmatch map with new enhancements. (Some features require Painkeep 2.2.1 update.)

Chaos Heaven (release 2)
numbersix Author

Here it is, the promised update to provide a more bot friendly version of "Chaos Heaven." To provide some cover I've added 2 features - for any mod a series of cyclic doors slide in and out of the floors. Under painkeep 2.2.1 ( Moddb.com ) and derivatives, the doors dont exist, but a whole bunch of Archon combat arena style blocks (shown here) appear and disappear at random intervals. Either feature can be used for cover when being targeted by humans and / or bots. A couple of easter eggs might also be present if you jump up at one of a couple of item locations. (I'll give these away later.)

Note: there is only one map - it has different features depending on whether painkeep 2.2.1 update is used to load it. Some features work under any mod, and some only under pk 2.2.1.
The screenshot here is with the map loaded under painkeep 2.2.1.

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