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This map was made upon a request from Comedian, a fellow Beta Tester, about 12 months ago. It is a personal favourite of mine and was also quite popular amongst my little cult following on the V|GO forums lol. It's a 3 player map, with 3 villages on the outskirts and a central city in the middle with a village and several supplies and a Whorehouse I believe. Naturally, the middle takes the cake for value. Also features a Battleship, with BBC's on islands on the outskirts of the map guarded by Firebases. There is also some eye candy such as temples, a Plane Crash site and a Pagoda in the center. Feel free to edit my maps as you wish, because I no longer have any use for them due to the changing gameplay styles of V|GO. However, should you use these maps for anything other than personal use, you must give me credit for them. Please respect the fact that I own this map and respect my Copyright to it.

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looks good (downloading now ;))

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Relifed - - 1,112 comments

ehhh when i start the map after 5+/- minutes it gives me a serious error :/

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