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Alien Preview ... still in work ... file for sculptris 5alpha ... enjoy !

Alien Preview

I'll just ask what we are all thinking:
What are we seeing? What organ and limb serves what purpose?

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HellsMarshall Author

it´s just the basic material number 4 - no render blender app ...
@savci ... i just want to let it look like a insect ...
but i´m still in work with that ... just ~10% of the model are conform with my brainpreview
the model/the conturs of it must get sharper/deeper ... etc. ...
the legs @ the back are good to jump ...
i´m not shure what i get em on the arms ... claws or hands ...
time wanna answer that. and it´s just a preview. ... lot of work to do.

i got no idea how to animate that / my pc dosnt brings enough power for really good rendervid´s ... or prerendering gamefilez ...

the performance lag cost a lot of time,
so it wanna take some time more.

the best way to get a 3d feeling of the model is get sculptris and test it.

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