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We are looking for upcoming or professional sprite and character artists to help design stuff that will be in Anti Eye Craft™: Alba's Attack.

The game is going to be an 8bit space shooting game developed in Game Maker Studio 1. We would like volunteers to help design the sprites that will be in the game and we would like an artist or two to develop ingame assets like the title screen art. The logo has already been designed.

This is an unpaid, volunteer position and you will not be able to recieve royalties for your help on this project. You will, however, be able to recieve a free game key so that you may download this game free*.

Your name will be in the credits under "Voluntary Artists" and those who do more work or who put in lots of effort will be added under "Special Thanks" as well.

Pink Scaled Dragon (The Owner), retains the right to terminate your job and void any chance of you recieving your game key if any of the following is found out to be true:

- You leaked information without permission

- You were insensitive to the fellow developers or creators in their efforts of creating Anti Eye Craft™: Alba's Attack.

- You did not help in any way, shape or form.

- You have stated something elsewhere which is deemed by The Owner to be insensitive, derogatory, obscene, racist, or sexist.

- Any combination of the above.

You will not recieve any compensation for your time. This is a limited position and may not last after the games completion.

By emailing us at you hereby agree to all of the above terms stated.

We can't wait to see your amazing artwork!

*Requires an account to obtain.

To Apply

Email us at and state that you agree to these terms.
You must also show us at least three(3) artwork designs that you have created and it is mandatory that you do so. We reserve the right to refuse work.
You may also decide to include a resume but that is not necessary for the most part though it will help you get accepted. This is a limited position and may not last after the games completion. We can't wait to see your amazing artwork!

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