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Programmers located shanghai, China.

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As a member of Skysoul, you understand and embrace company culture, willing to dedicate and contribute to the development of the studio's culture, professional practices and quality standards. You are self-motivated, good with communication and is a team player

Working as a team, you might modify existing features, which might have been implemented previously by another team member for optimization and to improve performance.

Our company strives to deliver highest visual art/entertainment content production. You have the professionalism and capability to adhere to schedules and work well under pressure.

Responsible for Unity3D engine optimization and development.

Responsible for mobile game client module design and development.

Responsible for game client related logic development.


5 years experience in game development whom have experienced the full, development period of at least one product;

Proficient in c + + or c # language and object-oriented programming, has a strict logical thinking ability;

3 years of Unity3D commercial project development experience and familiar with

Unity3D engine architecture design.

Familiar with the physics engine development and related mathematical knowledge is preferred;

Love games, game development experience is preferred;

Must be a team player and have strong communication skills. Work well under pressure, has the high degree of patience, pays attention to detail, has perseverance to see through each task and strong sense of responsibility.

Highly prefer having successfully launched mobile phone game project previously.

iOS experience preferred

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shanghai, China
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