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We welcome you!
Jewel Seeker Entertainment needs you!

We are seeking more jewels. In this case you and your modeling skills are required.

Our game Apprentice Arriving™ is a Single Player / Medieval / Fantasy / RPG for the PS4, Xbox-One and will be available on Steam.
We use Unreal Engine 4.

You are the Apprentice

Dive deep into a world of magic where nothing is how it seems. Apprentice Arriving is a game that will test your every step. As the Apprentice you have to learn to overcome your fears, your doubts and your frustration to face unimagineable dark power, and chaos along your way. In the end, only one with a pure heart and true determination will be glorious!

Game Concept

The story takes part in a medieval fantasy world that has a diverse range of content. Some cities and villages have functional water pipes and sanitation, others are poor and overrun with beasts of all sizes. The player wanders with two different characters through magical lands that are beauteous and also very sinister. On the way the player will experience a variety of cultures, kingdoms, abandon villages, destroyed lands and impressive architecture.

What will be in the game?

- Epic battles with a multitude of various weapons and armor sets
- Use of magic, several fighting stances and skills
- Variety of costumes
- Challenging bossfights
- Unique and magical design
- Management of various skilltress
- Two playable main characters who have access
to completely different skills
- Macro management to create your chosen class
- Mini games

Graphics/Textures: 3D next-gen, colorful, more realistic but still fantasy

How far are we?

We have a ton of concept art, various models as well as a very emotional storyline. Gameplay-wise, we are testing the overall game design such as battle mechanics, animations, skills, the environment, and more.
We work until the game looks and feels absolutely amazing!

What are your tasks?

Basically everything that you are familiar with and that an RPG requires. We obviously need organic modeling as well as hard-surface modeling. Just do what you can do as best.
To get into detail: High Poly Characters, Enemies, Bosses, NPCs, Architecture (interior), various Environment Assets, Weapons, Armors and the list goes on...


After the demo is released we plan to continue with the production,
using the funds from Kickstarter, to finish the full version of the
game. Depending on the outcome and the support we get from our
community, we will work on another demo or start working on the full
game right away. Revenue will be shared with those individuals who helped during the development process, and we will also look out for publishers.

How we started

The team came together in October 2017. From that day on, we never stopped to work on the game. We work hard and passionately every single day, and could need all sorts of help from more talented people around the world who share the same passion. We are now a team of 35 members who really take this business serious. The team consists of professionals as well as hobbyists.

To Apply

Requirements for this position

Please only adults. Due to contract restrictions we can not accept minors.

Very good modeling and texturing skills
Experience with Unreal Engine
Satisfactory English skills
Retopologizing skills

Help us to create something beautiful.

Send us a short mail with your best references to:

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