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Our teamĀ is currently looking for programmers for the game called Game Night. This is not the final name for the game, we might change it up in the future.

What is Game Night?

Game Night is a board game that has Singleplayer, Local Multiplayer and Multiplayer modes. You can play games such as Chess, Draw and guess game, Poker, Snakes & Ladders and more. The multiplayer has a ranked system and a tournament mode. So, it's lots of fun! We are going to release it on Steam for maximum $15.

Who do we need?

It is important to say that Game Night is already finished art-wise. All the 3D models are done, the art is done, the texturing is done. We have an awesome sound engineer and composer for the game too.

We only need programmers who are willing to sit down and code the game. Requirements:

- You are able to work in Unity. The menu is already set up for you!

- You must be a decent coder. We don't want to change up bad code later on. Better to it from the start.

- You are able to use at least 5 hours a day on the game.

- We are looking for someone to use all of his/her time on this until it's finished! It will not take long since it's only the code that's missing.

We are paying with rev-share and your income will be quite high. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Below are some previews of the game so you get an idea and feeling of it.

To Apply

Contact me on Email or discord for further discussion.
Discord: Nafei#9413

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