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Posted by Shepard.Soldier1 on

well maybe some people knows about my game

well i wasted of my life 7 years working with source engine so this time i need people but one of the reasons that i was alone that i didn't have money to hire people

and now i have 2 guys working for me without money and just for experience and they know modeling as well
but i'm trying my luck now to find programmer and animator

but you can give me a link for a work you done or something but the animator must give me a video one of his work because i have a lot of ideas and it requires a good mind and experience

game information :
Fake-Life it's a new half-life mod and there's alot of ideas that i want to make but i can't because the story that i made really big
the game includes
a new story after ep 2
and new 7 weapons
and the default weapons will be reanimated
new fx
new shaders but i will not use alot of shaders because it's sucks when you make alot

you can say it's a new
if anyone interested just pm me
and feel free to pm me and asking me more questions to make sure

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you can email me
email :

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