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At Lobster Lord we are a team of 2 creative professionals, based in Lisbon, Portugal. We love to make carefully crafted games with an obsessive attention to detail and are always on the lookout for others who share that passion. Currently, we are developing a game for PlayStation 4, PC and possibly Mobile devices.

We wish to compete in the PlayStation Awards, a contest created by Sony Iberic itself as an initiative to help developing video games in Portugal that look for indie projects, originals and with quality to make them into reality. The PlayStation Awards began in Portugal since 2015 and, since then, about 100 projects were have been submitted. In the 1st edition, the winner was Striker's Edge by Fun Punch; In the 2nd edition, won VRock by Game Studio 78 for Playstation VR. The last edition was won by Out of Line by Duckling Studios. In this last edition, the winner got support from PlayStation to rent a place to develop their game, 10K Euros to support the development of the game and more 50K Euros for Marketing.

As such, we are competing with our project called Tin-Heart.
Tin-Heart is a 2.5D sidescroller fast platformer that tells the tale of how Urion, a robot inhabitant of a tinned polluted Earth, brings back life to the planet by turning polluting robots into living beings and restoring missing pieces to a Life-Giving machine hidden underneath the Earth.

At this moment we are looking for a programmer with some experience in C# that is available to work with an ambitious and willing team. We are interested in receiving the candidate's resume for appreciation.

The engine we are using is Unity Engine. At the moment we can't offer any kind of payment, but the profit will be split evenly to pay your effort and work as best as possible

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