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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by kharnov on Sep 2nd, 2013


About Us

Unvanquished Development is the team behind the Unvanquished project, which is a free, open-source strategy shooter pitting technologically advanced humans against hordes of organic, adaptable aliens. Our developers are highly diverse, ranging from hobbyists to employed professionals, coders to skilled artists. We are multi-national as well, with fully online development allowing us to have developers all over the world work together. Our game has been regularly featured on Phoronix, where articles have praised our efforts at quality artwork in an open source project, and the regularity of our releases. In addition, we have been featured on the front page of SourceForge, as well as several Linux repositories.

General Requirements

Ideally, an applicant should have the following traits:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with project coordinators.
  • Capacity to work in an online team environment, whether alone or with others.
  • A genuine interest and passion for what one does.


Position Requirements

A skilled animator can make a creatively designed model come alive, bringing its potential past the limits. If you have a passion for 3D animation, we'd love to have you on board! You could animate your own models, or the models produced by others. A variety of things can be animated, from player models, to weapons, and even structures. In addition, things can be animated for the first-person view, such as claws for the various alien forms. We use the MD5 model format, which supports skeletal animation. It is relatively simple to export to this from Blender, but there are scripts available for 3ds Max as well.

To Apply

To apply for a position on our development team, please contact me at kharnov@gmail.com with a description of what you're skilled at, and some examples of your previous work, if possible. Note that as we are an open source development team, this is not a paid project, but you will be fully credited for your work.

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