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Hello, I'm Poika Pilvimaa the founder of Star and serpent game studio (

We are looking for a 3D animator to join the development of our first game project Rituals of the old (

You get the opportunity to join the development of an interesting multiplayer voxel/lowpoly sandbox game of crafting, building, survival, roleplay and adventure.

Unfortunately we cannot pay you. But we aim for a commercial release and if the game is successful we hope to employ the dev team for the continued development of the game.

- You have confidence in your animating skills.
- You are fascinated by our game concept.
- You definitely have the time for this.
- Blender or Maya skills are needed as we use Blender/Maya in our project.
- Important: You work well with people and don’t get into arguments easily.

Not strictly necessary but would be a nice bonus:
- You can do basic modeling/character modeling/texturing/other 3D tasks if required - we're a small group.
- You have a good and efficient work flow.

Other extra info:
- Currently our team has 8 members from Finland, US and Spain.
- We are coding the game in Java and using jMonkey as a base.
- Even just getting the expenses covered with the sales would make me happy. It shouldn't be only about the money. But in the most ideal situation we could do this 100% for a living.

To Apply

You can send your resume, portfolio and some background information about yourself to

You can also try to catch me at our Discord chat server if you have questions: My Discord account is Pilvinen#1291 but I might be really busy so the preferred way to apply for the position is to send all the relevant information through email first.

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