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Miner Wars 2081 & Miner Wars MMO will be released sometime this year for Windows and later for Xbox Live Arcade.

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Thanks heavens for alpha funding or my favorite genre might be dead. I'm talking about space sims. I discovered Miner Wars about 2 months ago i think and just bought it on desura 2 days ago. I'd tried the demo before purchasing and fell in love with it. The game features totally destructible environments which add's so much to the gameplay. I really enjoy the way the game lets you mine asteroids, you can shoot them with your weapons and collect the debris or you have a drill which you can use.

Miner Wars lets you build too. If i want to hollow out an asteroid and build a base inside it, i can. I'm still getting familiar with the game so i haven't learned about all it's features yet. I should add this warning though. Since buying the game I've not been able to take the demo mode thing off my menu screen. I'm trying to get it fixed now but i shouldn't have to, it should automatically take care of it for me when i purchase the game. Other than that I can't recommend this game enough.

It is still in it's alpha stage so don't expect a completed game if you decide to purchase it now. There's also a demo at their website so you can try the game out.
You can get yourself a copy now for $19.99 at or their website
They are also making a Miner Wars MMO. But 2081 does have Multiplayer & Co-Op.

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