While a big projects move slowly like the sleeping elephant we want to wake us... at this time all of the net world full of old school and pixels games. But... why people cant bring back the golden times of "Lands of Lore"? "Legend of Kyrandia", "Flash Back", "Another World", "Zeliard"? We want to do this. Our game it's not only old school platformer. It's a game with a right colors, old style of creation of games... and... ofcourse a right story about good guy in a bad time in a right place. The mysterious island. Lot of puzzles. Francis Drake. Real story of vessel named Pelican. Lot of treasures. New friends and old enemies. New enemies and old gold. All it... Drake. We call it - Drake.

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First released animation of Drake, new sketh and additional world information.

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Hello all citizens. We want show you our little progress. In previous update I published the sketch of village of paupers in lower Hindale. Here we can see group of the villagers from this settlement. We want send player through this village after the start of the game, right behind first movement and action tutorials. You can investigate this village and land around Mend, or simply pass to way to the Hindale. The choice is yours. In addition, you can always go back.

Smokers here. Low grade of quality of life pushing people to smoke and doing nothing. This is a random people, but some of this characters can give you side quests. Residents are not dangerous and so tolerant to everything around, that even in case of danger - remain in full insanity.

Central character on sketch - Picos. Race of little creatures which live in the forests near Hindale. Some of this creatures sufficiently civilized to be able do not running around the woods with handmade spears. I mentioned this guys in news block 8 (update about Dwarves & Mechanists).

We still work with environment research. I cannot recall game project where I have so many doubts in self game-art decisions. I hate myself but I still cannot say - this choice is good pal, now you can produce all of your art-stuff. The only consolation is that, game world can be created without graphics. What we are doing. One of current tasks we have - moving platforms and lifts.

Difference between HD quality + usage of 3D (variant one) and pixel-art like style (variant two) is driving me crazy. In my regular life I'm just do my mistakes and move on. Here I stopped, like a german tanks who could not advance to Moscow because have a nice party with horrible roads, which undermined any supply. My brain is these broken roads, my thoughts under regular partisan attack. What you will choose Weilard? Me or me? Please hurry we lose the war.

We release the first final animation for Drake. For the first steps of development we prepare junk-animations, with a lot of unfinished details. It was enough for tests. After accomplished test we will rework "junk" into release quality with full amount of attention to everything.


I think the problem is that you pixel art style is not proper pixel art, it's just mechanically downgraded HD version. It's not looking like pixel art, it's looking like poster. Maybe you need to use painting art style?

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Weila Author

Maybe. But I need think about optimization of creation content process. Levels is huge and have a lot of details. Fully painted background too risky. For caverns and mechanical structures best way to use 3D as base for future pixel-art.
By the way it's only on the 70-75% downgrade. To receive variant B needs little bit more actions than simple downgrade of image size, plus filters.

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Drake is looking gooooood.

Your HD versions, like here and back in #17, are really high quality. Like killz said, though, the lower resolution stuff just doesn't have that same level of polish. That's not to say it couldn't look as good, it just needs more love.

I'm still a big fan of the HD art.

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Weila Author

Huh... I need fly on the base to upload in my vessel couple barrels of love. But it isn't problem. I'm remember that have a couple.

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Hezus Online

Love the animations!

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Weila Author

Thanks Hezus!
Next station is running. Running and walking most hardest animation sequences. Jumping, climbing, even stealthing have no born problem like these movements. And of course new artwork coming with new update. By the way, people who comment and write me on my email, convinced me that I need to try build level in HD.

So level I produce little bit later will be in HD for backgrounds and pixelart for foregrounds. Maybe this solve my dilemma and we start full cycle of developing of levels.

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