Playnet operates an internal software design and development studio called, "Cornered Rat Software". This studio is responsible for game project development as well as feature updates and support for existing titles.The staff includes true MMOG pioneers, with several members of the creative, programming and production teams having previous development and operational experience with up to 6 MMOG titles before the start of Playnet, dating back to 1995.In June 2001, Playnet launched the industry's first MMOG First Person Shooter, delivered as a combined-arms virtual battlefield (World War II Online - Blitzkrieg).

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Artists located North America, Europe..

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WWII Online is a massively multiplayer online game set in Western Europe between 1939-1944. We originally released in 2001 and have been updating the game since. In our continuation of improving the game and delivering new content to the WWII Online community, we're looking for some additional help.

This is a great opportunity for people looking to get industry experience and collaborate with professionals. This is a live industry game and we've been greenlit on Steam.

Please note: This is a volunteer internship. You will be allowed to display your work on your portfolio and receive a reference from us for any future adventures. We ask for a 3-6 month commitment at the minimum. We have helped several people gain experience and gain jobs with larger studios.

You will be required to complete a basic art trial. We have a great team of professional developers (and gamers) who are looking forward to hearing from you.

How to apply

Send your portfolio and work / education experience to: JOBS@PLAYNET.COM

Our 3D Art needs include...

1) Characters
2) Vehicles
3) Environment

3D ARTISTS: Your work flow can be in either 3DS Max or Maya, though our game engine particularly works better with 3DS Max. You should have at least 1-2 years of experience and provide a portfolio with examples of your work upon e-mailing us. You should also be able to create UV's and textures (not PBR).

Our animation needs include...

1) Character (1st and 3rd person)
2) Vehicle rigging and animation (tanks, planes, artillery, etc)
3) Weapons animation (1st and 3rd person)

ANIMATION ARTISTS: Your work flow should be in 3DS Max primarily, with BIP file knowledge. You should have at least 1-2 years of experience in 3DS max and know the basics of rigging, weighting and other animation 101's.

Gewehr41 Semi-Automatic Rifle Rig

To Apply

Send portfolio / resume to

Please do not contact us regarding any other positions, such as composers or resellers of art services.

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North America, Europe.
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