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We have released the 0.919 patch for Zombasite. This patch fixes a few crashes and fixes a bunch of other minor issues.

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We have released the 0.919 patch for Zombasite. This patch fixes a few crashes and fixes a bunch of other minor issues.

Here's all of the changes for patch 0.919.



  • fixed a crash in Quest::fail on some trigger quests
  • fixed potential crashes in GameLevelData::hasBeenSpawned and GameLevelData::hasBeenSpawnedBefore
  • split entity & player turn speeds
  • put entity turn speeds back to old slower speed
  • doubled NPC gift effectiveness
  • now get only get NPC died messages if from your covenant or the player is near
  • fixed poison gas on death on plaguebringers
  • NPCs that aren't in clans no longer try to do activities
  • NPCs from other clans can no longer start quests
  • now Necromancer quests can cause some Zombasite mutations
  • now Lich quests can cause some Zombasite mutations
  • added a few new treasure map variants
  • now Covens, Warlocks, and Witches can start Curse quests when killed
  • added escort vendor quest
  • can now find zombie knowledge on lore items
  • improved wood damage, critical strike, stored lightning, and foul strike effects
  • improved ice armor effect
  • fixed NPCs attack timing being off sometimes
  • made actor movement/attacking a little more smoother
  • fixed scroll bar location on quest screen
  • decreased chances of clans complimenting player
  • Love Potion name is now gold
  • Love Potion is now a more noticable pink color
  • increased Idle behavior distance from 500.0 to 650.0
  • NPC created items messages are now center printed and not added to event messages
  • decreased activity status effects duration from 5 minutes to 2 1/2 minutes
  • added a message for NPC gifts
  • monster parts for quests from clans you haven't discovered yet no longer drop
  • moved zombie stalker death scream to dying animation from death skill so better synced
  • halved chance NPC starts quest to make an item
  • fixed tower death animations
  • fixed unhiding monsters not drawing
  • hunting group will now pick up any food items that they happen across
  • foraging group will now pick up any health/mana potions that they happen across
  • now only get banished/left town messages about your own clan (Sharpoint)
  • fixed name in search for and waypoint for retrieve important info quests (Crisses)
  • items can no longer break in evidence objects
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 40
  • added more room to NPC solve quest menu
  • fixed VirtualDroxInfo in joystick setup (DanSota)
  • removed prefix from personal gift message
  • changed can hut/forage again message to make more sense with new expedition stuff (Crisses)
  • fixed missing DoorOnlyHold translation
  • updated expedition highlight text to mention new adventure expedition (Castruccio)
  • made expedition highlight text more consistent

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