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I've been working on this project for one year now and it's still in a mechanic-based engine but it can be transformed as you wish.

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This game it's full of awsomeness

I've been working on this project for one year now and it's still in a mechanic-based engine but it can be transformed as you wish.
I'm looking forward for new and unique ideas.
I need you to help me make this game.


Stealthy Mechanic
You are able to hide in the shadows. The dynamic light engine renders real-time smooth shadows that will hide the character and probably save his life. If the player's tip it's orange you are invisible and if it's red you can be seen by enemy's.

If a zombie it's following you and you hide quick in a shadow they will go to the last point they saw you and from there they will start scout the area.

Special Items Menu
It is limited to 8 slots. I guess you will need to do some ability management eh? For now it has 2 items( Barrels and LandMines) but I'm working on multiple special items such as:
-Electric Fields
-Controlled Bombs
-Hole Digger..
if you have any item suggestions let me know and I will start working on it..

Dynamic Gun Accuracy / Enemy HitPoints
Each gun has a different accuracy range that will increase/decrease when you walk,run or run so..in the end..running isn't a good option. Those guns also have a recoil.Accuracy can be upgraded!
Currently game includes 15 epic guns.
In the future you will have more gun customization options.

The circle indicates the accuracy area and it will change size depending on the current accuracy and recoil.
Also got a bullet-time effect like in matrix just for fun.

Enemy Hitpoints

Enemy's gut multiple hitboxes and they take various damage depending on where you hitted.
The DAMAGE engine works like in most of RPG games..random damage takes depending on your level/dexterity & agression.
You can also score Critical Hits and going on rampage for 5 seconds when you LevelUp.

Puzzles To Solve
As if it's not hard enough you will need to de-activate those lasers when the hordes of zombies are dieing to eat your heart.

You de-activate lasers by pushing blocks in the laser sight and creater a passage.

I'm working on 2 new puzzle mechanics.
LockPicker - you need to find the right combination.
Electric Wire - You can turn on/off lights. They will be wired and you will also be able to break that wire or connect the cable to a computer/door/generator etc.

Game Bosses
Each level will contain at least one BOSS and each one has a new and unique one.

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