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Brutal Nature 0.27 has been released! Now with tutorial quests!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.27! Download it today and give it a try!

Main new features are a tutorial quest to walk you through the game as well as scripted quest support, scripted as in users can easily add new quests using angelscript!

Also once again for this release we have fixed ALL known bugs! That means you users get to find new bugs for me to fix!

More 0.27 screenshotsMore 0.27 screenshots

Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Added scripted quest support to engine.

    0.27 screenshots

  • Added tutorial quest.
  • Added quest script action callbacks for most user actions, dropping items, using items, crafting, pressing keys, interacting with objects, etc.
  • Added quest objective completed sound.
  • Added quest completed sound.
  • Added script callbacks for server start up and shut down.
  • Fixed terrain editing bug0.27 screenshots
  • Halved food usage
  • Improved terrain generation by making the separation between regions more irregular.
  • Added saving/loading of regions to world save file
  • Added saving/loading of quest script callbacks.
  • Better error reporting and logging.
  • Error message box now contains basic error information.
  • Fixed party menu bugs.0.27 screenshots
  • Reconnecting servers now remove old ghost connection automatically.
  • Reconnecting users now remove old ghost connection automatically.
  • Shadow depth format changed for better compatibility.
  • Added support for modification keys to the key binding code.
0.27 screenshots0.27 screenshots

Yanz93 - - 4 comments

Awww yis, nice work!

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Gerard_bob - - 333 comments

Sooo, this is the HD version of Minecraft, basically... It has all the features of minecraft, only the look is better, its no so square and pixel-ish.... Its interesting... Maybe It will become more famous then Minecraft if you optimalize it well.... Good luck man, thumbs up for ya =)

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BlackMoons Author
BlackMoons - - 121 comments

Somewhat. I am also natively supporting mods while minecraft still has absolutely zero native mod support. I don't plan to really follow minecraft in any particular way, other then seeing what the most popular minecraft mods are adding game play wise and make sure I have build in support for them, things such as electricity, mechanical power, vital metals like copper, etc.

I see a healthy modding community as being truly essential to success.

Optimization has also been a focus while designing. Realize that while the FPS are not great right now, there is absolutely no terrain LOD. Its rendering 1 square foot resolution detailed terrain as far as you can see right now. Hundreds of megs of vertices per frame and still pulling it off in real time.

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