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Trying to explaing that I can't upload the mod to workshop. Also, quick news about an update

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Okay guys, I've tried to get rid of some useless files in my mod, which made mod quite light wieghted, but this didn't helped me with uploading mod to the workshop. So, if someone to host the mod, please tell me all contacts of yours, in which I can talk to you about terms.
But right now, I want to tell you, that I'm working on some fixes, polishing and adding cosmetic stuff. Which means, that new update is coming soon. Also, we live in times, when copystriking is violated, so, one of my ideas, music from Civ 6 and 5, will be as submod, not the part of mod itself. This was decided due to that I don't know if civ themes are copyrighted or not. By the owrds of some people, Geoff Knorr don't mind using them freely, and some adding to it, that 2K doesn't like that, and they're deciding with this. So, if music is copyrighted, i don't want that some YouTubers/Streamers would get in trouble of this, so this is why music will be submod.
Thanks for your attention, and I hope you didn't forgot about this mod yet. I'm not.

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