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“Terraria 2.0”. “This is just a clone of Terraria”. I see these comments dotted around places and while I’m flattered because Terraria rocks, Samphi ISN’T going to be a clone and here’s why!

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Actually, before we get into this let me just acknowledge that yes ... I know that Samphi resembles Terraria and there's obvious similarities. I never have nor ever will dispute this. Both games are 2D, you dig blocks and build, fight enemies and craft items. What I do dispute is that I'm making a clone. I've never had any hate about this; I just want to explain more about what Samphi is and will be.

Yes Samphi was inspired by Terraria and Minecraft

Like many gamers I fell in-love with Minecraft and Terraria. The freedom to do whatever you like really appeals to me. I love being able to play a game how I want; I want it to be MY choice how I reach point A then point B. Being able to create your own world in the game helps you personalize it and deepen your experience. Minecraft for example; when I spend 30 minutes building a house being meticulous about every detail, it really does feel like returning home once I've been out jabbing creepers and I see my wooden house on the horizon.

I've always felt they were lacking something however; a deeper reason and driving force behind my actions. My favorite games are those where you have to work towards something or uncover a story. For example I've just finished playing Gone Home (awesome game, go play it). There's a strong narrative and sense of immersion that you experience playing that game that drives you to search every drawer, every room meticulously. You feel the need to carry on digging and exploring. This is what Minecraft and Terraria lack for me; there's no real drive to do anything. (This is my personal opinion and before I get hate I love both games and have played them a lot!)

With these two fundamental aspects of gameplay we reach Samphi.

So why is Samphi different?

Samphi is primarily a story driven game set in a destructible sandbox universe giving the player a certain level of control over how they play the game. The story is still being developed so I don't have much to reveal about it yet however you will progress through the game by fighting waves of enemies, leveling up, developing skills and uncovering the deep story as you do so.

With Terraria exploration and the destructible/rebuild-able terrain is the point of the game; Samphi uses these mechanics merely as a tool to give the player control over how they play. For example some players may want to dig traps for enemies and be cunning, others may want to just build a big ass castle and fight from there.

So while you are clearing out a landscape to build a huge house, and spending hours leveling up, gathering materials to build the best items you do all this for a greater cause. You are doing it to enable you to move on in the story and to move closer to finding out the truth.


This article isn't much but I hope I've explained why I feel I'm not making a clone and given a greater understanding as to what Samphi is. I understand why people say it looks like a clone right now as the crafting and destructible terrain mechanics are the most prominent in-game but this is just a base. I'm taking these awesome mechanics that myself and many gamers love, implementing them as tools and layering a butt load of story, combat and RPG style gameplay on top of it.

As always be sure to follow @greeny_games & @SamphiGame on Twitter for running dev news and chat.That's all from me for now. Ciao.


Don't let the haters get you down. Make the game what YOU would want to play first and foremost. If you are happy with your progress and what you are doing then that is all that matters. If the game is good enough (and even at this early stage it looks like it will be!) then others will want to play it as well.

People who complain that this is just a Terraria clone are probably COD kids who don't realise that they are actually just playing a prettier version of Wolfenstein3D. =/

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GreenyGamesStudio Author

Thanks for the kind words :)

That's just what i'm doing! I'm creating the game that I want to play and tells my story I want to tell. It's great to see people have faith in Samphi at such an early stage. Really helps when developing! You spend so long on a project you start to question whether what your making is actually good or your just used to it and it's ****!

Thanks again Bhanshee :) I have a group for Alpha Testers and I've dropped you an invite. No worries if you don't want to join, but if you do offers there.

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i really dont understand why people would consider this a clone, the gameplay is very different from what i can tell O:

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GreenyGamesStudio Author

Face value I think as they do look kinds similar. But hopefully this article shows some differences!

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