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Today Keter-Class answers why the mod is so boring in case those who wonder why.

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Why is the mod so boring?

Well, the mod is an edited version of the latest private tester version, it has been patched up and fixed and released as a public alpha, I have mentally damaged myself working on the mod so last week I decided to take a break for a while, this tuesday is my birthday so after that I plan to kick back into gear with Futuristic Anomalies to make it bigger and better and work on Heavy Containment Zone. When the next version releases, it's going to be a v0.2.

What is Heavy Containment Zone going to look like?

We can't tell you, as that would be spoiling the poggers moment.

Is SCP: Unity's 173 model there to stay?

What? No, it's not, it's a placeholder, before that, my custom SCP-173 was ugly and atrocious, thankfully we have an actual GOOD modeler working on a new 173 right now, but I thank Aruspice for giving people rights to use the models if proper credit is given.

Sorry the article was short, I only really wanted to cover why the mod is kinda boring.

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