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A brief look into what we have been adding into this little mod.

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Just finished adding in a bunch more models for the game. In addition E.G. has been working diligently away on the balance of the some eighteen ships we have been working on. We have a working Voinian and UE fleet, and they battle against each of in a fairly accurate fashion.

I just finished the first draft of all the crescent ships (Ok, I haven't done ANY of the freighters, but you wont care...will you?). The originals all looked sharp and 'futuristic', but when you scale them up, accounting for better resolution and color spectrum....Ouch...

The crescent ships just come out of the mixer looking flat. Gonna need to find some ways to give them a sharp, futuristic texture, while maintaining the original flavor. Sounds easy? You can take a swing at it.(Actually, no, don't touch my drawings...They may be crap, but they are mine! My precious)

We will probably be releasing v0.1 of the game in the next couple of days. You should be able to experience all of the flavor of the original game series, over a limited number of systems.

I want to add enough systems that they feel like a pocket galaxy, but that will wait for another day.

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