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News on the OverDose Tools package, plus some new insight into OverDose texture media...

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Obviously OverDose, and more specifically, Serk, has gone above and beyond what I've seen many people do before when it comes to Tools... When you notice we have not only our own complete Tools package, but also our own Level Editor, you have to stop and think... Wow, that guys done good.

But what other tools do you need, or would like?

Here's a list of what we have available so far:

ODCompress - Takes .tga files and converts them into the correct (Or whatever setting you pick) .dds file. Can do the entire game's texture base in one go.

ODFont - Takes standard .ttf fonts and turns them into .tga files for the engine to use as fonts ingame. Great for getting any number of text styles for UI's and HUD work with pretty much zero effort from the user.

ODMap - A complete .map/.bsp tool that not only creates the bsp file, but also cleans your map file from any bad/pointless variables (Q4 settings) and the like. It spits out a .ent file which contains all the special OD data for use in your level, and pretty much does all the hard work for you. Many advanced compiling options contained in this one.

ODModel - Takes .lwo, .obj, .ase and .3ds models and converts them into .mdl, our own static model version, and .cm, our own clip model version. Both .mdl and .cm are highly polished model formats that are faster, cleaner and better for use. Also takes .md5mesh files and turns them into .md5clip files.

ODRadiant - A complete map editor that allows you to create maps? Hell yes! Based on Radiant , this map editor allows you to not only create your levels knowing they will work 100% with OverDose, but also lets you render the entire level in real time, with a real time lighting AND shadowing preview, something which only D3Rad (and other D3 engine games) can do. I cant tell you how huge a step this is for all of you.... You should know!

ODVideo - Remember the .roq format? All old and tired, right? Well Serk remade it. No... Serk REMADE IT. The new .roq compiler has the ability to render FULL 720p video at 30FPS with 32bit colour with tiny file sizes... Yes. I just said that. It allows you to render 720p video... Thats some awesome work there, you have to admit! Check the Blur intro video to see how it works.

So, those are the tools... But what do YOU need? If you have any suggestions, we have a thread at the forums waiting for your input! Any and all input is welcome so if you are still not a member, get on over there! :D

A Few Example Texture Shots For You

I decided to upload a few renders (From ingame) of some of the textures I've been making. Now I've made hundreds for OverDose, we are still in need of texture artists to help us. Anybody at all who can help in this area, get in touch with us!

That said, have a great Christmas and I'll see you in the new year!

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Arxae - - 718 comments

material editor? procedural texture generator? :o
ai node support so we can have bots? :p

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GavinStevens Author
GavinStevens - - 620 comments

Material Editor - XP has one built in. Its called word.

Procedural Texture Generator? - Sure, I'll get our coder right on it, just after he finishes the "Make new map" button.

AI Node Support - Pointless when there are no bots.

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