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What is Don't Touch My Teddy Bear? I'll give you a hint, it's a simple, yet fun game.

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Hello, my name is James Knight, and I am the CEO, Lead Programmer and Lead Designer at Jarokn Games, my new mobile startup.

I'm here to introduce you to our latest Android exclusive game, which is named "Don't Touch My Teddy Bear".

Basically, you have to stop some pesky animals, namely a cat, a rabbit and a goat, from touching your beloved teddy bear, which sounds like a silly idea for a video game, but hey, it's still fun! :)

I will hopefully be updating the game every time a bug is found, and when I see room for improvement, but that shouldn't be too often, and it should be playable just the way it is.

The game will hopefully be released on June 14th 2013, which is very soon.

I do hope you will enjoy it, and if you want an iOS version, you'll have to wait until the Android version sells well, as I cannot afford a Mac as of yet. :/

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