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We've gone gold! Non-Steam release plans for WE WERE - An Interactive Novel have been finalized. If you're even remotely interested, read on to learn all the details.

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As previously stated, the Prologue for WE WERE will launch for free on January 19, 2016 whether we're Greenlit on Steam or not. At that time, a pre-order for the Season Pass (which includes the Prologue through the Epilogue) will also be available for those who are interested in the rest of the story as it becomes available.

How will this work exactly?

Two versions of the Prologue will be released.

The first will be the standalone, demo version of the Prologue. This will be available for anyone to play on our website (right from your web browser!). At the end of this version, you will be thanked for playing and given a taste of what is in store if you're willing to buy the Season Pass. This version of the Prologue will ALWAYS be FREE, and will ALWAYS be available. We will never charge for this version. It will also see the same bug fixes that the Season Pass version of the Prologue will, so you don't have to worry about it being neglected either.

The second version of the Prologue will be available to download if you purchase the Season Pass. Payment processing and product delivery for the non-Steam version of the Season Pass will be handled by HumbleBundle.com. Once payment has been accepted, you will be given the option to download the Prologue immediately, and you will be notified by email as patches and new Episodes are released. This version of the Prologue will end a little differently, setting things up for what we have in store with Episode 1 when its released.

What happens if WE WERE is Greenlit and I already bought the Season Pass?

Anyone who purchases the Season Pass through HumbleBundle.com will be given a Steam key free of charge should WE WERE be Greenlit. You will also retain access to the non-Steam version of the game as well.

If WE WERE is Greenlit, are you going to abandon the non-Steam version?

No. The non-Steam version will see the same updates as the Steam version and will see those updates as close to the same time as the Steam version as we can possibly manage.

How much will the Season Pass cost?

The Season Pass for WE WERE will be priced at $4.99USD. Since payment processing is being handled by HumbleBundle.com, pricing for the non-Steam version of WE WERE's Season Pass will use HumbleBundle's "Humble Pricing" model, meaning that the cost of the game will be converted to your native currency based on current exchange rates versus the USD.

Will there be any additional DLC or microtransactions?

No. The only thing you will ever have to purchase if you want the full WE WERE experience is the Season Pass.

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