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Hello world! Seeing as I'm bringing ARANA to a new platform, I think it's time I give a quick rundown of what you'll see.

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Hello world! Seeing as I'm bringing ARANA to a new platform, I think it's time I give a quick rundown of what you'll see.

  • Characters: There are currently 7 characters in ARANA, each having a sort of gimmick that avoids breaking the pace of gameplay. They also have two methods of attack, a primary and secondary, the primary being what you'll most likely be using the most, the secondary simply giving a small advantage at some cost, (time, stamina, ext) an example being Ketsu, she uses a bow and arrow to give a primarily melee character a ranged advantage, the cost being it takes some time to draw back the attack, and it also costs stamina. All characters are unlockable through a method displayed on the next character on the "list."

  • Arenas: There are three arenas in total, each having a quirk. The first arena is small, concise, and lacks any cover, enemies will surround you on all sides, so beware! As for the second and third arenas. You can unlock and see them for yourself.

  • Enemy Types: Enemies are strong and varied. Learning what each one does won't be difficult, rather, mastering beating them will provide some challenge. All enemies are arena specific. There are also bosses that appear after so many waves of enemies. Bosses are stronger, have more health, and have a more definite pattern of attacks. Again, actually dodging the attacks is where the challenge lies.

  • Items: Collecting items on the field is mostly a waste of time, as they're rare, and not as good as what you could have. (You may get luck though!) Items either alter preexisting statistics, or add properties to the player, such as status effects, more knockback and such.

In the end, the key is to play and try for yourself! ARANA gets updates after a month of rest, and a few more months of work, so time is by no means of the essence.

Thank you for checking out ARANA, if you're curious, by all means try it! Otherwise, it was good trying to create some impact. Thanks again and I hope to update this again soon!

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