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This week explodes with content. We achieved our mid-year milestone, made a new milestone for autumn and reveal the names of the first 3 characters.

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We’re back!

We had an awesome vacation but we still worked a lot on CrossCode. And with a lot, we mean a lot. First we want to pin down all the things we achieved for the mid-year milestone. And for the first time ever we reveal the names of the first 3 characters you meet in the game (Yes, this includes the name of the protagonist!). We also want to show you our agenda for the next milestone! Finally we welcome a new social website to help us spread the word.

So… Let’s start with revealing the names!

The first 3 Names

Of course we start right off with our protagonist!


Known as: Protagonist

You already know (and maybe love) her. Lea will be the character you will control in the game.

Carla Salvatore

Known as: Assistant

Carla is an engineer who works on the cargo ship. She is also the one who built the training course you walk through in the TechDemo.

Sergey Asimov

Known as: Programmer

Sergey will be your guide throughout the game. He is a professional programmer and a security expert. He plays an important role in the plot.

These are all characters for now. Of course the game will have more characters and the next demo will feature more then these 3 too. We are also looking forward to revealing more characters while developing CrossCode.

Mid-Year Milestone

In the last weekly, we mentioned our intern mid-year milestone. By now the deadline for this milestone is over and today we want to share a list of things we achieved with this milestone:

  • Finalize Battle Mechanics
    • Element mode
    • Close combat
  • Level-Up System
  • Drop Money
  • Clickable NPC
  • Web Audio API (only for sound effects)
  • Dialog System
  • Game Saving
  • Started implementing actual plot
  • Lots of small changes

As you can see we added lots of new features compared too the TechDemo. We also fixed a lot of small things including bugs/features mentioned by fans. Our general goal was to make the game feel more like a game and not like a minigame. We pretty much achieved this and are happy with the results. We also want to share a new screenshot directly from the game:


As you might notice, the screen is much wider than normal. This is because we now support an “HD”-mode with a 16/9 resolution. With this playing in fullscreen feels just like playing a normal desktop game!

Autumn Milestone


Despite the hot weather we currently have in Germany, we look forward to our next milestone in Autumn, which is set for end of October! Just like with the last milestone we have a list of features we want to add/update to share with you:

  • Implement Techs/Skills
  • Web Audio API for Music
  • Defense Ability
  • Better effects for Element Modes
  • More sounds for element mode and robots
  • Planning and development of menu
  • More plot
  • First (Mini)Boss
  • More Gameplay elements

The milestone might change over time based on how fast we can develop some of the features. But it’s a raw guideline for us. Again the goal is to make the game feel like a real Action-RPG.

Final Words

The new social website we want to use is Tumblr! With this we hope to reach out to more people that will (hopefully) like our game. You might noticed that there are some new social links at the bottom of the blog and the CrossCode page, too. We updated these so people can quickly find us!

Here is the Link to our Tumblr-Page: Click on Me!

We are also happy to announce that due to recent changes in Opera, the browser now supports the gamepad! Since Opera now uses the Blink-Layout-Engine, the performance increased a lot, too. The only downside is that you need to disable the mouse gestures feature used in Opera to avoid conflicts with the game controls.

And that is all we have! We hope you enjoyed this special weekly with lots of stuff to read!


Awesome! Glad to see you are all working hard on the game. I loved the tech demo and can't wait to see how everything is implemented with a story and original levels.
Great Work, keep it up!

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