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This week with have news about the WebAudio API and our very own Message System!

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Hello there!

This week we have a lot more to tell you compared to last week!

Message System

To display a dialog in-game we use a message system which is similar to games like Phoenix Wright or the Fire Emblem Series. The system can also display two characters on one side or play animations! Here is a screen showing off a little dialog:

(No, this dialog is not in the actual game… it’s not even in-character… just a test!)

WebAudio API

We already wrote that we are working on integrating the WebAudio API. But now we changed a lot in the actual sound system we used. With this new system we can loop sounds and position them in 3D space easily. Looping sounds already showed that the playback is perfect, which gives us hope that the timing for looping music will work equally good.
If your browser does not support the API the system will fallback to the default implementation using the audio-tag.
We plan to have technical rant about the WebAudio API as soon as we are finished working on it.

In our weekly talk we discussed the different characters you meet in the game. Every character should be believable and not mindless puppets for the plot. We want CrossCode to have a story the player can immerse into, without being to cheesy. And this is why characters are indeed very important for us.

This is it for this week!

Henley - - 1,973 comments

Looking good, the bubbles look a little off though.

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Regiden Author
Regiden - - 59 comments

Hello there!

Are you referring to the text boxes? The text boxes are animated in-game and move from bottom to top. The box which if fully opaque is always the current message, while the other are fading out (with a little movement, maybe we need to make a video for this).

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