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In this week we talked a lot about the skill- and level-system and made some internal changes to our map editor.

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This week we did a lot of planning again. We mainly discussed the level- and skill-system we want to use in CrossCode. Also we made first plans on the the skill tree might look. Planning seems to take up a lot of our time currently but do not misunderstand! We simply want to make the game feel well made and overall awesome so we tend to a lot about every inch of every feature.

Internal Changes

Next to the planning we overhauled the weltmeister editor we use to make our maps and add entities or events. What we did is basically re-factoring the code of weltmeister to adapt to future changes. We also added 3D positioning. This makes it possible for us to set the exact height an entity should be at. And while we are at it, we thought it would be nice to show you screen of the editor:


What you can see is us editing an event step in an event which will trigger when a certain condition is met. We can easily deploy new event steps which we then use in weltmeister. Events are what makes it possible for us to create the scenes you can see in the TechDemo.


A lot of people asked if we make a technical post about the pathfinding and we currently working on one for you! So expect some technical rant about the pathfinding next week!


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