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Combat is coming together for Empire in the Sky! Find out more.

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Ship-to-ship combat versus our procedural Alien friends is coming together. There are five types of weapons: grenades, missiles, beams, bullets and blasters. Since we recently implemented three of these, here's the scoop:

Three main weapon types:

Bullets: Conventional arms are still in use in this projected future. Metal slugs have the unique ability to pass through energy shields, disrupting them and contacting the hull directly.

Beams: Projected particle beams are susceptible to energetic dissipation when they come into contact with shields, but often the power of a good beam can pop a shield and send it into overload.

Blasters: Probably the most visually stunning, blasters work wonders heating up the external surfaces of an enemy starship.

Types of damage:

Negative Ions: Weapons with a large number of negative ions in their munition ratings easily dissipate enemy shields.

Radiation: Highly radioactive weapons can irradiate a hull on contact, hurting crew morale and frying magnetic media and other imperative ship systems.

Infrared: Raw cooking power of a blaster, beam or HE bullet.


Wow, combat sounds detailed and robust! Looking forward to trying it.

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