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Prism is facing an important crossroads that could change the future of the project in just a few days.

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Prism is facing an important crossroads that could change the future of the project in just a few days. We have talked to another group that just recently started developing a game quite similar to ours. We have taken the first steps to extend the olive branch and combine our efforts.

The partner project is called Project Blender and is also a monster catcher inspired by the Pokemon games. You can see their current work here:

Please take a look at their project and tell us (and if you have a reddit account, share with them as well!) what you think!

This means that we will definitely have to make some changes to the way Prism currently works. As our followers, it is important to us that you have a say in what happens to this project. If you have an account on our forum, please vote in this thread!


If you don't have an account, you can still talk as a guest, but you cannot vote. If you prefer, feel free to voice your opinions on this post as well!

What we want to know from you guys:
1. How do you want this merge to go?
2. What aspects of Prism do you ABSOLUTELY want to stick around?
3. What aspects of Prism would you be happy to see change?
4. What aspects of Project Blender do you LOVE?
5. Anything else you have to tell us!

The following is taken directly from our forum:


Hello Prism followers! We have encountered another likeminded group creating a game similar to Prism. We are in talks at the moment considering merging our projects. They have a poll up on their forum and we encourage you all to participate if you are interested. HOWEVER they have requested that any of our users who register on their forums to please preface your name with PRISM. So for example I would be PRISMendie, or PRISMTG and so on. This is simply so they can keep track of users between projects.

Their site url is Projectblender.hostei.com

The project can also be visited at Reddit.com

I have set up our own poll here so that we can also discuss matters. Please choose one of the answers, and if possible, explain why in a response to this thread.

Since the Project Blender site is down, we may be hosting the poll for the time being. I'll give a quick overview here of both projects (sorry if I get some things wrong PB!)

A multiplayer online monster catcher that encourages the player to build their own character, and play the game as they want with morals and so on. The game is set in a fantasy world that spans several genres from 'typical' fantasy, to futuristic fantasy, to grunge fantasy, to many more. The main plot involves a cynical multidimensional being that merged the monster and human dimension. To take control, humans developed the Hunted Gauntlet that allows players to absorb monsters and transform themselves into those monsters. Players must seek out a cult society dubbed Glyph and take down their leaders. Each defeated leader relinquishes to the player with a prism shard containing a legendary monster. Prism also has a lot of developed lore including history, monsters, races and more. I couldn't list it all here it would be too long! But check out the wiki and rest of the forum if you're interested.
Gameplay involves action based third person combat, monster classes, combo attacks with other players, and environmental modification similar to tactical combat in the Pokemon anime.

Project Blender
A single player monster catcher that encourages players to unravel an exciting story line. The game is set in a '40s - '50s noir setting. The main plot currently involves a mysterious explosion at a nearby powerplant that unleashes the spirits into the real world. The player then must harness these spirits.
Gameplay is much reminiscent of the old Pokemon style, arena fighting, turns, etc.

Again, apologies if I got something wrong. Feel free to tell me XD and I'll fix it.

Thought this might be useful so we can see where we already overlap.

Monster essences/souls are absorbed into a mechanism worn around the player's wrist/arm.
Monsters are beings of a different 'plane'.


I say do it, but, in my opinion, keep to the Pokemon side a bit more. Merge them with a unique story line. Like with the explosion from PB and then from that "explosion" the Pokemon appear. something different, but unique too! :D

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